About us

Republic specialized scientific-practical medical center of nephrology and kidney transplantation – is the leading science institution of the Republic of Uzbekistan   addressing the full range of biological, technical, technological and healthcare issues related to nephrology, extracorporal detoxification, kidney transplantation and rehabilitation patients post -transplant period coordinating all hemodialysis centers of the republic, training and educating  medical staff.

The Center main science and treatment areas are kidney transplantation and rehabilitation after transplantation, treatment of the autoimmune and inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, extracorporeal detoxification methods of the body, anesthesiology and critical care medicine, ultrasound, functional, and morphological computer laboratory diagnosis, angiographic diagnostics and treatment.

Thanks to our experienced and qualified team of doctors, as well as the most modern equipment, we provide high-level medical services. The main objective of our work is uptodate  treatment concept and new, minimal invasive operations, providing our patients with modern OPD services, professional and qualified consultation  A large team of professional specialists jointly serves our patients before and after transplantation based on powerful scientific and practical knowledge and close cooperation with many foreign clinics in the world, The most advanced and highly effective methods of diagnosis and treatment are being developed and implemented.

In addition to the diagnosis and treatment  the Center conducts training and education  of nephrologists,transplantologists , in vitro detox specialists (doctors, technicians, nursing staff). The Center has several departments: Department of nephrology, extracorporeal detoxicating centers and Transplantation department in TashIPME, TashPMI Department of pediatric  nephrology.

In 2019, it is planned to start constructing  a new 4-storey advanced center, with  administration, two departments of hemodialysis  , children’s and adult resuscitation wards, kidney transplantation and post- transplant management department  and an OPD clinic. The structure of departments are shown  below.


Department of Anesthesiology and Adult Critical care  – 10 beds .

Child critical care  -4 beds + 6 beds for post-resuscitation and postdialysis patients.

Kidney transplantation department – 20 beds .

Department of rehabilitation of patients after kidney transplantation – 20 beds.

Extracorporeal detoxification department – 5 beds .

6. Hemodialysis unit 1 – 25 hemodialysis beds.

7. Hemodialysis unit №2 – 15 beds + 8 beds of peritoneal dialysis.

8. Department of  kidney autoimmune diseases  – 30 beds.

9. Department of kidney inflammatory diseases and the pathology of pregnant women – 30 beds.

10. Department of Intensive care 30 beds .

11. Reception



Doctors  offices (urologist-andrologist, gynecologist, cardiologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, dermatologist, endocrinologist)



1. Clinical Laboratory

2. Bacteriological laboratory

3. Immunological laboratory

4. Radiology department

5. Histology lab

6.   Kidney biopsy  lab.

Training Division

Department of Nephrology, extracorporeal detoxification  and kidney transplantation department  in TashIPME.

Department of TashPMI Pediatric Nephrology 


1. Adult and children nephrology

2. Extracorporeal Blood Purification

3.Department of epidemiology and prevention of nephrological diseases

4. Postransplant department

5. Immunomorphogenetics

Administrative and economic services :

  1. Social Pharmacy
  2. Archive
  3. Organizational and methodological department
  4. Central sterilization department
  5. Financial and accounting service
  6. Human Resources Department
  7. Legal department
  8. Marketing and Forecasting Department
  9. Technical service
  10. Medical warehouse
  11. Garage
  12. Laundry
  13. Food court